1. Can I order via cellkit.net website?
    • Can not.
    • Currently cellkit.net website serves to display existing Cellkit product.
  2. If I need Cellkit products, what should I do ?
    • You can write a list of items needed and email admin@cellkit.net, our team will reply to the email as soon as possible.
    • If your position is in Indonesia, you can contact our main distributor Duta Buana Interteknologi, with WA number 0822.3268.8899
    • Or you can order directly through the website, www.dbi-online.com
  3. Where did the Cellkit come from?
    • Cellkit made in China
  4. Why is my Cellkit 850 Hot Air Solder when used sound is so loud?
    • Before using the Cellkit 850 Hot Air Solder, the bolts that are located under the hot air solder box must be removed first.
    • The bolts are reinstalled if the Hot Air Solder is to be carried or shipped, so that the compressor in the box is not damaged during carrying/shipping.