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Screwdriver Set Cellkit S5008A

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Screwdriver Set 8 in 1 red. Screwdriver Set Cellkit 5008 ( CK S5008 ) is a screwdriver set that consists of 8 screwdrivers and one handle of the screwdriver . Design handle of the screwdriver is comfortable to hold , and the eyes of a screwdriver which consists of flat-head screwdriver , plus and flowers. Eyes screwdriver can be removed and installed easily . To handle of the screwdriver comes also a place for the eye above the handle of the screwdriver screwdrivers , screwdriver so that the eye can also be mounted on the handle of the screwdriver to facilitate the service . Equipped also with a screwdriver so that the box is not scattered and can be taken anywhere . Made of materials that can not teraliri electric current , making it safe to use even when electricity is on.

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