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Screwdriver Set Cellkit S6112

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Screwdriver Set 14 in 1 screwdriver with colorful eyes . Screwdriver Set Cellkit 6112 ( CK S6112 ) is a magnetic screwdriver set that comes with 12 eye screwdriver , the handle of a screwdriver and tweezers straight . Consisting of 12 Mata Screwdriver T2 , T3 , T4 , T5 , T6 , M2.6 , Y0 , R2.3 , PH000 , PH00 , PH0 , 2.0 ( - ) . The handle of screwdriver slim blue to be more comfortable to wear when the service . Every eye screwdriver has its own color to distinguish between the eyes with one another screwdriver . Equipped with a tool box and a container for each handle of the screwdriver and obengnya eye that is not easily scattered when doing the job.

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