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Screwdriver Set Cellkit S6350

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Screwdriver Set 54 in 1 which consists of 50 minors screwdriver . Screwdriver Set Cellkit 6350 ( CK 6350 ) consisted of 50 eyes of screwdrivers, tweezers , screwdriver handles , and two flexible bars . Equipped with tool boxes and containers for each eye obengnya screwdriver and so it is not easily scattered when doing the job . There is also a straight tweezers in one setnya , handle of the screwdriver can be split into two parts and used to be a screwdriver , or put together in order to handle of the screwdriver becomes longer . While the flexible bar serves to extend screwdriver screwdriver and doing work on hard to reach places . Ratchet handle of the screwdriver is equipped with a rotating , so we just need to rotate the ratchet when it does the job without the need to rotate the screwdriver .

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