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Screwdriver Set Cellkit S7008

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Screwdriver Set 8 in 1 with a simple screwdriver . Screwdriver Set Cellkit 7008 is a screwdriver set that consists of a screwdriver T2 can be used for the BlackBerry 9800 Series , BlackBerry T5 for phone and Motorola , T6 for phone Nokia , PE0.8mm to phone Apple iPhone 4 / 4S , PH0000 and SL1.5mm to phone Apple , Y # 00 for NDS , and PH00 for Samsung and phone China . A simple design with a rubberized grip so could not conduct heat and electricity . The handle of the screwdriver by a different color in each eye type obengnya to facilitate distinguishing anta one eye with a screwdriver other screwdriver eye .

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