CELLKIT 2in1 Hot Air Soldering 858D+

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This 2in1 Hot Air Solder can be used simultaneously for Hot Air Solder and Soldering. Hot Air Solder and Soldering is standalone just in case one of the machines is damaged then the other can still function properly.
This repair tool machine use microprocessor circuit that function to control temperature and air flow that produce heat to replace IC (SMD / BGA) and other components on the PCB.
The machine equipped:
1. Digital temperature display screen for hot air soldering and soldering temperature.
2. 4 buttons that control heat and air control, it provides options for the speed of heat and air flow to cater a variety of use.
3. 1 knob to control soldering temperature.
4. Automatic heat temperature setting, it will automatic reset back to last heat setting so that it can be used immediately, no need to reset from beginning.
5. Fan system at handle in hot air handle creating smooth vibration, quiet sound and stable heat temperature. The heat of the element is expelled faster due this fan system creating a longer product.
6. Automatic sensor when the handle is placed in place; it will switch off and on again when it is used again.
7. With 3 sizes of single hole nozzle: 8mm (2pcs), 12mm.

For soldering machine, use the 936 series soldering tips for soldering operations. So that it can be used to repair a variety of larger electronics. With heat temperature adjustment on the machine box, the heat can be achieved faster and adjusted according to the desired need. Metal soldering tips are easy to clean and replace.

To avoid damage on the ceramics and elements of the handle place the solder handle well and delicately to avoid collisions with hard objects.

Package contains: Hot air machine, solder, solder sponge, user guide, warranty card.

Input voltage AC: 220V ± 10%
Freq: 50 Hz ± 2Hz
Current overload protection: 4A
Power consumption: 610 W
Hot air temperature: 100°C-450°C, adjustable
Air flow output: 0.3-24L / Min, adjustable
Pump power: 3W
Heater: 250W Metal
Power consumption Solder: 50W
Soldering temperature: 200°C-480°C, adjustable
Output voltage soldering: AC 24V
Heating element soldering: Ceramic heater

Weight (Gram): 2,600
Product Dimensions (Cm): 14.5 X 10 X 13
Packing Dimensions (Cm): 27.5 X 18.5 X 17