CELLKIT 2in1 Hot Air Soldering 859D

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CELLKIT 859D DIGITAL STEAM SOLDER has almost the same function as the CELLKIT 858D + 2In1 Steam Solder which can be used for Steam Soldering and Soldering.The difference is the Digital display on the CELLKIT 859 Digital Steam Solder which uses a wider LCD screen and displays the temperature of the steam and Solder heat used in one display even though the Solder and Steam Solder are used simultaneously. The LCD screen that is carried is clearer and more accurate and has a minimalist design so it doesn't take up much space. Equipped with three buttons, namely buttons to control hot air flow, hot air temperature and control the soldering temperature. There is an automatic sensor that works when the Steam Solder Handle is placed in the handle, the Steam Solder will automatically turn off. Equipped with 3 Steam Soldering Eyes with a focus area of ??8mm (2 pcs) and 12mm. There is a Ceramic in the Steam Solder Handle so it is advisable not to collide with hard objects including colliding with the Steam Solder itself. 1 YEAR CELLKIT OFFICIAL WARRANTY, SERVICE WARRANTY Warranty Claim Terms: 1. Damage not due to user error (contact with water, broken / cracked etc.) 2. The condition of the goods is intact and not defective 3. Complete with packing and equipment and purchase notes. 4. Any replacement SPAREPART will be charged. How to Claim Warranty 1. Contact our Customer Service via Chat or E-mail: admin@dbi-online.com. 2. Describe the obstacles you experienced to Customer Service. Specifications: Input Voltage AC 220V ± 10% Freq: 50 Hz ± 2Hz Current Overload Protection: 4A Hot Air Temperature: 100-450 C, Adjustable Air Flow Output: 0.3-24L / Min, Adjustable Power Consumption: 660 W Pump Power: 3 W Heater: 250 W Metal Soldering Temperature: 200-480 C, Adjustable Power Consumption Solder: 50W Output Voltage Soldering: AC 24V Heating Element Soldering: Ceramic Heater Weight (Gram): 2,660 Grams Product Dimensions (Cm): 14.5 X 10 X 13 Cm Packing Dimensions (Cm): 27.5 X 18.5 X 17 Cm