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Hot Air Rework Station Cellkit 859D

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Digital blower is equipped with an LCD screen that is more accurate. Digital Cellkit Blower 859 has functions similar to the 858D + 2in1 Cellkit blower that can be used for blowers and soldering. The difference is the digital display on the Digital Blower Cellkit 859 which uses the LCD screen and displays the temperature of the heat blower as well as the solder used in the display though Solder and blowers used simultaneously. LCD screen that carried a clearer and more accurate. Having a minimalist design that does not take up much space. Equipped with three buttons are buttons for controlling the flow of hot air, hot air temperature, and buttons to control the temperature of the solder. There is an automatic sensor that works when the head blower / blower handles positioned to handle the blower will turn off automatically. Equipped with 3 eyes blower with 8mm focus area (2 pcs) and 12mm. There are ceramics in the Head / Handle Blower thus advised not to collide with hard objects including Blower clash with his own.

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