CELLKIT Power Supply + Cable 30V5A Digital 3005DK

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This power supply is equipped:
1. Digital LED screen as a voltage indicator (voltage).
2. Transformer as its main component. As a result, the output is more accurate and stable.
3. Power supply cable, securely protecting the gadget that is being repaired in the event of a reverse current on the (+) and (-) polarity installation.

This power supply can be used:
1. As a replacement power for laptop, cell phone or other gadget with a voltage of up to 30V with a maximum electric current of 5 Ampere.
2. To shock the battery.

This power supply is important and a must-have for professional technicians who are repairing gadgets with high efficiency, environmentally friendly based on world-scale technician standards and needs. Also much needed in the education / laboratory / production section or just for hobbies. Easy to operate, safe and practical.

Package contains: Power supply, cable for power supply, user guide, warranty card.

Input voltage: AC 220V ± 10%
Freq: 50Hz ± 2Hz
Current overload protection: 5A
Power consumption: 150-200W
Output voltage: 0-30V DC (adjustable)
Current output: 0-5A (Max 5A)
Auto short circuit protection

Weight (Gram): 5,004
Packing Dimensions (Cm): 33.5 X 18.5 X 20.2