CELLKIT Home Charger 2USB 525

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Wall Charger USB CELLKIT 525 Dual PORT USB (CK 525) is a USB charger that is used for charging / charging your cellphone / gadget. Specifications: Input Voltage: AC 220V ± 10% Freq: 50 Hz ± 2Hz Output Voltage: DC 5V Plug Type: EU Plug 2 USB ports: 2.1 A and 1 A Charger Color: White light gray combination Cable Color: White The package includes a 2A Micro USB Data Cable 1 MONTH OFFICIAL WARRANTY, BROKEN REPLACED WITH NEW Warranty Claim Terms: 1. Damage is not due to user error (contact with water, broken / cracked etc.) 2. The condition of the goods is intact and not defective. 3. Complete with packing and equipment and purchase notes. How to Claim Warranty: 1. Contact our Customer Service via Chat or E-mail: admin@dbi-online.com. 2. Describe the obstacles you experienced to Customer Service. Weight (Gram): 62.27 Grams Packing Dimensions (Cm): 5.7 X 2.7 X 16.7 Cm