CELLKIT Soldering Temperature Station 936A

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Solder Station CELLKIT 936 ANALOG (CK 936A) is a type of temperature solder, can be used for a long time without damaging the solder.The temperature issued is consistent and precise, set on the temperature control button. Solder tip and heating elements are made of iron with international brands, the solder tip can be removed and replaced easily. The heater indicator light will flash and switch off when the temperature at the soldering tip has reached the dedicated temperature. Package Contains: Control Box, Solder, Sponge for soldering base, User Manual, Warranty Card. 1 YEAR CELLKIT OFFICIAL WARRANTY, SERVICE WARRANTY Warranty Claim Terms: 1. Damage is not due to user error (contact with water, broken / cracked etc.) 2. The condition of the goods is intact and not defective. 3. Complete with packing and equipment and purchase notes. 4. Any replacement SPAREPART will be charged. How to Claim Warranty: 1. Contact our Customer Service via Chat or E-mail: admin@dbi-online.com. 2. Describe the obstacles you experienced to Customer Service. Specifications: Input Voltage AC 220V ± 10% Freq: 50 Hz ± 2Hz Current Overload Protection: 3A Soldering Temperature: 220-480 C, Adjustable Output Voltage (Ac): 24V Power Consumption: 50 W Heating Element: Ceramic Heater Weight (Gram): 1,460 Grams Product Dimensions (Cm): 14 X 11 X 8 Cm Packing Dimensions (Cm): 25 X 20 X 15.5 Cm